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Teach Your Daughter Servanthood

Your daughter is your princess. While that is extremely cute, it can turn ugly when they begin to think they are the only one who matters. Teach your daughter service. Oftentimes our daughters can be focused on what they get. Let’s teach them what they can give. You can do this through a service project and it all starts in the home.

What chores does she contribute to around the house? Even when it isn’t her job, teach your daughter that serving others can happen in the confines of their own home by washing dishes, vacuuming, doing laundry, helping mom out with groceries, even walking the dog.

Let that servanthood go to the neighborhood. Who needs help pulling the weeds out the garden? Can the elderly next door not get the groceries on their own? Is there a single mom in need of a babysitter? If comfortable, give her permission to watch the child for free.

When the grocery store run happens, have them use $5 out of their monthly allowance to buy a case of water for the people around Michigan who still lack clean drinking water. Partner with an organization to donate it.

There are opportunities open all around us. At school, with students who may be unfortunate. At church, giving during an offering to help the homeless. Teach your daughter what it means to have a heart and care for others. Yes, she is a princess, but princesses eventually turn into queens who do the work to serve others. And the truth is, you are raising a queen.


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