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It’s Ok to Make Mistakes

It’s Ok to Make Mistakes

Teaching your child that making mistakes is ok, is raising them to understand that it’s ok to fall and get back up again. Those mistakes are lessons that they take into adulthood.

When I was growing up, my father didn’t allow me to make mistakes. A dish with a food particle found in the drying rack led to all dishes coming out of the cabinets, and I was washing every one of them by hand. I missed curfew… well, I wouldn’t have to worry about that for an entire Summer, because I was going nowhere. That’s right, punishment for the whole Summer. These punishments didn’t lead to me learning from my mistakes; it actually led to perfectionism. When Dad (and Mom) said something, I made sure I was doing it right the first time. I didn’t want the consequence of not spending the night out at a friend’s, missing dance practice, or the occasional party. Into adulthood, in some areas, I’m still this way. Things must be organized. The house must be clean. On my job I’m getting glowing rewards. However, there is that pressure to get it right the first time around, and the truth is…no one is perfect.

Don’t always catch your child when they fall, but let them make mistakes. You don’t want a perfectionist running around. You don’t want an adult afraid of taking chances, and you don’t want a daughter always asking for help.

Allow your children to make mistakes. Allow them to grow. Show them how they can do it better the next time. Teach them that if they fail, dust yourself off, and get back up again. Over the years, I have learned not to be too hard on myself. It is a work in progress. Don’t leave your child doing work into their adulthood, when they could’ve conquered it in their childhood.


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