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How Was Your Father's Day?

And there it is…

Father’s Day has come and gone.

Is it just me, or did you not see much celebration? 

As I was sitting down to write, I opened up my tablet to Youtube, and immediately “Dear Future Wifey” - Juneteenth Special: Men’s Panel on Fatherhood popped on my feed. Whenever there is a men’s panel I enjoy tuning in to hear a man’s perspective, especially on fatherhood; and 13 minutes in the question “Why isn’t Father’s Day celebrated as loudly as Mother’s Day?” was asked.

Interestingly enough, this was exactly what I sat down to write about, so I was all ears to hear what these fathers on the panel thought. And they shared:

  • For those who didn’t have a father, “We celebrate it as often as we saw dad”.

  • We just don’t get any love.

  • Dads don’t value the hoopla - because we’re groomed to just be there. Provide and fade in the background.

  • We don’t tell people that we want to be celebrated. Perhaps we need to tell people how we want to be treated.

  • Dad wants to be alone.

Do you find yourself in these categories?

Last year, the magazine attempted a giveaway for $500, and we got no dads to respond to being celebrated. Not a one. That same year, we spent countless hours on a Father’s Day Guide for gifts, just for it not to be opened - can you believe that? 

I have shared previously that my father is no longer here, but I remember that he would ask for what he wanted. He wanted his dad at the house, barbecue on the grill, and Amaretto in his hand. And every year we did that for him. One year, we went all out and had all the men in his family and those in the neighborhood in our backyard eating rib tips. He was most certainly celebrated and we had no problems with doing so. Did we do the handwritten notes, the socks, and the underwear? We did, but he needed the socks and the underwear. What is it about dads and holes in everything?

The comment section is open - please share. Did you enjoy your Father’s Day? Did you get what you wanted or did you tell the family they didn’t need to do anything for you but silently lamented?

We want to be there to celebrate you. Tell us how.

You can catch the full episode of Dear Future Wifey here.


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