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Half of a Tank

I got my first car and I was driving around the city. It had amazing mileage and my father stated, “Never let your gas tank go below a half of a tank. At half of a tank, always fill up.” No biggie, I can do that. And he proceeds to share with me, when you run your car on empty or it gets really low, there is sludge that will begin to get kicked up and it will land in parts of the car which will only cause you a lot of trouble in the future. As well, if I ever ended up traveling away from home or got lost in the city, I would certainly have more than enough to not only find my way back home, but if necessary, find my way to the next gas station.

I’ve never tested his advice to see how low I could go. At half of a tank I fill up every time.

What’s a piece of advice that you’ve given your daughter that you are aware of her still using today?

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