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Fathering Outside of the Norm

Le Peep. It was a French breakfast/brunch restaurant downtown.

I went there in what had to have been the 5th grade and I remember ordering French onion soup, with the French bread on top. I didn’t go with my dad, but I went with my best friend and her mom. It was my dad, who at an early age always made sure I was getting out and amongst friends socializing. He approved me sleeping over at friend’s houses, only after meeting their parents, or having friends over for a sleep over. 

When it came time for my friends to sleep over, we would head over to Blockbuster video and he would pick out an assortment of movies to have on hand. He made sure we had popcorn, candy and any snacks to make the night a little bit more special. He taught me to ask my guest if they had any need and if they were ok, the skill of a great hostess. And when it was time for bed, he had showed me how to create a sleeping bag when we didn’t have one and how having extra pillows and a blanket could make up for all of that.

Don’t assume that mom teaches daughter everything. You, as a dad, can also step in and show your daughter what it looks like to be a young lady and a great hostess.

What is something that you recently took on that is outside of the “fatherhood” norm, that will help your daughter in her socializing skills?


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