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Date Your Daughter

Dating your daughter is going to be integral for your child’s self-esteem and self-worth. As a dad, you are setting the standard for any man that comes after you, setting the tone for any young man who asks your daughter out on a date in the future. What will that look like? The National Center for Fathering found that daughters want their father to understand who they are, and what they are currently going through. They want continued support, communication, and guidance. Believe it or not, daughters want your input and love the advice that she gets from dad. She also loves the bond of the dad and daughter relationship. The way to make sure that she is getting what she needs is simply through dating her. Here is a list of things that you can do with your daughter.

  • Go to a movie

  • Take her to lunch

  • Take a trip to a museum

  • Get ice cream

  • Head over to the nail salon

  • Paint your own pottery

  • Hiking

  • Bowling

  • Arts and Crafts

The opportunities are endless. What’s most important is that your daughter is getting in great quality time with her dad. You can even do activities that you enjoy. Bring her into your world. The emphasis doesn’t have to be on things that you think girls would like to do. And just remember, you are setting the standard for the men who will follow you in years to come. So make sure to open that door, pull out that chair, and watch how your daughter begins to value herself over time. Keep up the great work dad. You’re doing an amazing job.


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