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Dads Protect.

I was bullied.

It was the 5th grade, always during the multiplication quizzes and this went on for weeks. I had no clue why this new girl at school, had me in her crossfire, but she did. And day after day she had something to say. I was known by a large majority of the teachers in the school. I didn’t bother anybody. As a matter of fact, I helped others and I always treated my peers kindly. I had won an award for outstanding leadership, citizenship, and sportsmanship. The days are now a blur, but what isn’t was the girl attacking me when the school bell rang, there in the middle of the hallway, as I was preparing to go home. She was tall. Tall like, in the wrong grade, tall. Tall like, maybe she played basketball, but I’m certain she had been held back by at least two years, kind of tall. You get the point. 😁

She attacked me. And the scratch to my face, from the bottom of my eye to my chin, came from no where.

The scratch was bad and my mom was ready to call the police and press charges. She took pictures from all angles. This wasn’t a scratch with a finger nail. She believed the girl used a weapon.

My dad went and rang the doorbell of that young ladies house. He came back and said, “I handled it!” I don’t know what was said that day. I just know I wasn’t bullied by her again.

Dads protect.


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You have a amazing family

Me gusta
Honr Magazine
Honr Magazine
21 dic 2022
Contestando a

Hey Petyr…this is absolutely embarrassing, but we just found out how to respond to our comments, please forgive us. Thank you for the compliment.

Me gusta
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