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Creating Memorable Moments

You can create memorable moments by tapping into the things your child likes to do. Take some natural adventures, revisit your personal childhood and even establish a few traditions.

How do you do that? Glad you asked.

Do you know your child’s favorite thing to do with you?

Is it bike riding? Cooking? Hanging out on the lake? Attending movies? Outings to the museum? Give her a coupon book, (yes…a coupon book). A book that entitles her to interrupt your schedule for a random weekend of fun. You are getting ready to light up her world.

You can take natural adventures. This looks like camping, photography while on a nature hike, even visiting the local aquarium. Revisit your childhood. Give your child a view of how you were raised, what made you happy growing up, and what from your childhood made you sad. Take the time to go back to your hometown. Visit the school, the playground, and even the house you were raised in.

Lastly, establish a few traditions that can be passed on. Wouldn’t it be amazing if the tradition you formed with your daughter, she then forms with her daughter? Whether this is as simple as ice cream sundaes on Sunday, to picking out a gift for Mom on her birthday, establish a tradition that far outlasts you.

All things that we’ve mentioned are the establishment of bonding and quality time.

And believe us, every daughter wants time with Dad.


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