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Back to School

Back to school is here.

With 7 kids in the home, routines were essential, and we practiced them 2-3 weeks before school was back in session. Which meant, even though Summer wasn’t over, I was back to waking up early, going to bed at my allotted bed time so that my body was able to adjust to getting back into the groove of school.

Believe it or not, your daughter needs organization.

In a household of 7 kids, there was a lot of sharing of the bathroom, and so not only did I have a staggered bed time with my siblings, so that we didn’t play, but we had staggered wake up times so that we weren’t in each other’s way for the bathroom and shower. Setting out clothes and packing up the book bag, including making sure all homework and items were inside the night before made for smooth mornings without chaos.

As school gets back in session, take a look around the home and figure out what you can do to help the family get organized to make things a little easier this school year. Whether it’s a family calendar to organize all the events, getting on a schedule, or even planning the meals throughout the week. You will be surprised as to what a little bit of organization can do for both you and your daughter.


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