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Are You Running the Place Yet?

I remember my dad asking me that as I told him I was at work and didn’t have much time to talk. He had just purchased a new phone because the last one he had was stolen right underneath him at the barber shop. He had put it down for a brief moment to grab money to pay and someone took off with it. Can you believe that?

I helped reconnect his gmail account and get his photos and phone numbers back.

Are you running the place yet? It was never how is the job coming along? Are you making friends? He wanted to know was I running the place yet. It was the “yet” that always stood out to me. He knew his daughter was ambitious and never sat still, never accepted the status quo, and always pushed to be the best at what she did. He knew that because that was what he instilled in me.

And after all these years, in many ways, he was still affirming that.

Are you running that place yet? It wasn’t a pressurized question. He said it warmly and affectionately. Smiling. I told him it wasn’t a place I wanted to run, because I didn’t see myself there for the long term.

We didn’t talk about my personal goals in that moment, because I had to run, but he always told me he loved me before getting off the phone.

I knew it. I could hear it in his voice he was proud of me.


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