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Donna Mulei
Vacation for Two

Life tends to get a little more complicated as time goes by. First you are crazy in love with your spouse, then you get to a place where you suddenly feel like strangers to each other. It all starts with little offenses until you just don’t understand each other as well as you thought you did.

Having kids is often the most trying season for many couples. It gets so easy to channel all the attention to them and forget about each other’s needs. You may still have a few nights of pleasure, but it just doesn’t flow as easily as it used to before the kids came into the picture.

When you realize that you are going through this with your spouse, you know it’s time to take a vacation and remind each other why you two became one. Perhaps you have thought about it before, but you just don’t know how to work around all the other factors, and especially the kids.

Take a moment to view the importance of reconnecting with your spouse whether you are on good terms or going through some tough times. Maybe it will help you make up your mind on why you really need to go on that vacation for two.

Your Kids Need You to Give Them a Break Too!

It is true that your children need you, but what you may not realize is how much they appreciate time away from parental watch when with people they love. Do they have a favorite aunt, uncle, grandparent or cousins?

Your vacation for two will be the opportune time to let them spend time with other people whose company they enjoy. It will be a win-win for both of you; they won’t feel like a burden to you, and you won’t be restless about their well-being while away with your spouse.

If you had a normal upbringing, you can probably relate with how fun it was to be at your friend’s or cousins’ home while your parents were away for whatever reason. Give yourselves a break.

Changing the Atmosphere

You will be surprised at how fast your communication with your partner changes when you move to a different location for a vacation. You may not even have been on talking terms, but you will both brighten up easily with a change of atmosphere. Your minds will shift from the weight of responsibility to a feeling of freedom, then it will get easier to open up about what you really feel. It is very unlikely that a vacation would go wrong and you will both return rejuvenated.

Even the kids will appreciate less grumpy parents.

Get Wild Away from Home

You may never realize how much the children suppress the wild and interesting side that drew your partner to you until you move away from them. When they come, you can no longer do some crazy things like lift your partner onto the kitchen counter and kiss them passionately because they may walk in on the two of you. Both you and your partner will probably be busy at work when the kids are away in school so that isn’t an option either. Your bedroom may also not be as private as it used to be because your kids could walk in any time with, “mom, dad, I had a nightmare,” and kill any party you were about to get started.

The absence of intimacy in your relationship gives room for unprecedented offenses which you will never realize until you actually get to a good space for romance and intimacy.

Emotional Security for the Kids

Taking a vacation for two gives your children emotional security. They will hardly ever be jealous of either of you for spending time together. They appreciate an atmosphere of peace in the home at all cost. If you have been going through some tough times, it is very possible that they know because of the cold treatment they have been seeing. You could even have become more irritable to the point of taking it out on your kids. They would be relieved to know that you are going on a vacation because that would only mean one thing - mom and dad are going to work things out.

Remind Yourselves of the Simplicity of Life

You need to remind each other of the simplicity of life constantly. Kids are just one of the many things that are pressing you down. You are aware of all the things they need and do your best at work, so you keep things afloat. However, you can easily forget each other’s needs which are more basic than anything else. The kids will only be around for a short time, and then they will grow up and find more interesting places to be than with you. You don’t want to be left with a broken partner or marriage. The presence of kids complicates many things because every decision you make suddenly revolves around them. Choose a vacation and make it entirely about the two of you once again.

It is safe to conclude that you have found enough reason to book a vacation and work things out with your spouse. The more you procrastinate the thought, the more energy you will spend trying to solve issues that a simple vacation could have solved. Don’t think about it anymore, take it with urgency and salvage your relationship from the tough times.

Donna Mulei is a passionate content writer and editor from Kenya.

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