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Help Your Daughter Grow Into Her Gifts

Have you ever stopped to watch and observe your daughter? What does she like? What are her talents? Take a moment and ask her what she thinks she’s good at. Once you’ve

observed her strengths, such as dancing, music, pottery, or a specific sport, begin to validate her gifts.

If it's music, talk with her about how playing the instrument can be used for good. How it could be used to raise money to help eradicate a disease, or even how words provide healing, and how the song can touch others. If it’s painting art, share how painting canvases is not just about putting colors on paper. Talk about how colors can sooth a person with anxiety and bring calm to their soul. Make sure you let her know that you see her amazing talent, and show her how proud you are when she puts those talents on display for you and for others.

Once you have spent time with your daughter, seeing what she likes and pinpointing where her efforts should go, and you’ve turned around and validated her, you want to make sure you grow her gifts. You can, if she is musically talented, grow that gift by taking her to the symphony or seeing a famed pianist. If she enjoys painting, take her to her local art gallery or showcase to view art on display. If it's becoming a make-up artist, get her her first kit and a subscription to a tutorial class online. It's the only way she will grow into who she is called to be.

Nurturing what you see in her today will produce who she is meant to become tomorrow.


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