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Does Your Daughter Have a Nickname?

Does your daughter have a nickname?

One of mine was “The Informer”.

I would often let my dad know what was going on around the house. Who needed help, who had a bad day at school; I would inform him, so that he could step in.

In a way, I guess, opening his eyes to a blindspot. He did a great job about when dance class was scheduled, when it was time for the dogs to get bathed, taking my sisters to get their hair done, but dad couldn’t be everything and every where.

I don’t know when I started sharing, but I knew if I shared with him, he wouldn’t tell anyone where it came from, and he would always take care of the situation.

As I got older, I would still inform. Mainly about my older sister, who sometimes made questionable decisions, but he was always there --listening, not sharing where it came from, and stepping in.

Have you given your daughter a nickname? What is the meaning behind it? Please share.


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