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Be Intentional

My sisters were in high school when my dad would wake them up on every other Saturday to go into the city. Not for volunteer work. Not to show them where he hopes they would never end up. Nope…to get their hair done. That’s right. Dad used to take the older girls on Saturdays two times out of the month to the salon.

He would sit in the salon chair, talk with the owner, and get the girls food. The salon visit wasn’t an hour, it was an all day affair. I believe he used that time to figure out what they were getting into. He liked to ask questions about our friends, like, “What’s Tosha been up to?” Or, “Are you hanging out with that boy who walked you home last week? What’s his name?” I didn’t know then the way I know now that he was a concerned father. He met my sisters where they were at the stage in their teen life. He knew that as teenage daughters, they were concerned about their appearance. My sisters didn’t have jobs, and that was dads way of ensuring they were confident leaving the house.

He never came home empty handed. He always made sure to bring my mom back something to eat whether it was dinner, or peach cobbler and rolls from her favorite spot.

He was intentional about his relationship with my mother and that with his daughters.

How are you making the time with your daughters count? What can you do going forward to be intentional about your relationship?


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