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Always Caring

My mother loved apple pancakes from a long standing house of pancake establishment where we resided. And on Saturdays, if dad wasn’t making breakfast for all of us to sit around the dining room table, he would buy danishes at the neighborhood bakery and he would head over to the pancake house to get something specifically for my mother. He was always looking at ways to make her feel special.

My mother had her own business, and if she had work to do late at night, he would pile us all in the car and take us on a ride down Lake Shore drive. We would eventually fall asleep as we would make our way through the city. By the time we got home everyone in the car was asleep. He would pick us up, one by one, and put us in the house and in bed. My mom was always able to handle the items she needed to for her business because the house was peaceful.

What examples are you giving your daughter on the way a man should treat his wife? It doesn’t have to be huge and expensive gifts. It could be something more thoughtful along the lines of what she is needing at that moment. Whether it is peace or being thought about for breakfast on Saturday, your daughter is watching.


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