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Active Dad

When you think of dads being actively involved with their children, one would immediately view a dad and son throwing a ball in the backyard, or a father coaching his son in the little league, but dads being actively involved in their daughter’s lives has a huge impact.

When dads are actively involved in their daughter’s life they are likely to:

  • Get good grades and do better on cognitive tests

  • Become young adults with higher levels of economic and educational achievement, career success, and positive psychological well being

  • Have higher IQs

And that’s just to start. When dad is involved, he is helping his daughter make sound decisions in her everyday life with school and boys, and in her adult life, with men. Being a supportive dad who keeps his promises with your daughter continues to establish that relationship and connection. Unconditional love and praise also contributes to her self-esteem levels. That can take place by simply being present, encouraging your daughter and being a great listener when she needs you to be. Dad, you can find creative ways to spend some one on one time with their daughter. Check out our date ideas for your daughter (previous blog), in order to get in quality time throughout the week.


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Unknown member
Jan 04, 2023

That’s great to hear.


Unknown member
Jan 02, 2023

Yes! It’s such a blessing to see the fruit of this truth in our teenage daughters’ everyday lives.

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