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Support Your Daughter's
Journey Through Puberty

Introducing "The Menstruation Issue" 
A Free Guide for Dads Raising Daughters

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Do you have a pre-teen or teenage daughter whose body is changing? Puberty can be a challenging time. Equip yourself with our Menstruation Issue, designed to help dads support their daughters through these important changes. 

What's Inside?

  • Fuel for Growth: Balanced diet tips to support your daughter's development.

  • DIY Self-Care: Fun, natural recipes for body scrubs and facial washes.

  • Menstrual Care: Navigate period products with ease.

  • Period Trackers: Empower her with apps and subscription services.

  • Endocrine Disruptors: How to protect her hormonal health.

And so much more...

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​A Note from the Editor:

A question I often hear from dads is, "How do I handle my daughter when she is on her period?" Many dads feel unprepared for this stage of their daughter's life. It's common for dads to outsource this topic to female relatives, but your presence and support are crucial.

I created this Menstruation Issue to provide you with the knowledge and tools to navigate this important time, from understanding puberty and her nutritional needs to recognizing signs of conditions like endometriosis.

Remember, being there for your daughter strengthens your bond and shows her she can count on you. Let's get you through this phase called puberty and back to understanding your growing daughter.

Building bonds - Bridging hearts,



Nicoma Narjett, MPA

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Yes, send me the FREE Menstruation Issue and additional content on dads raising daughters.

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