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Forum Rules

Honr Magazine presents a forum where dads are able to connect from all across the globe to talk about all things dad and daughter. Are we just here for dads and daughters? Absolutely not. However, a lot of our content is centered around that. We are a comprised group of dads who are wanting to help one another live out their best lives by working on ourselves and our relationship with our daughter(s).

Before you go interacting with the other dads, here are some forum rules:

1. Our forum is a warm and inviting place where members can post questions and respond freely to

comments. This forum is used as a place of discussion, not debate. At no time should we make others

feel unwelcome or uncomfortable. Topics such as politics are often divisive, and have no room on this

forum. Words used to demean based on another person’s color, background, or religion have no place in the forum. Everyone who enters the forum should be respected. Anyone found harassing, bullying, or

looking to incite any form or promote violence will immediately be banned.

2. The privacy of others is of the utmost importance. At no time should someone’s confidential or personal information be posted. As well as, no content that is sexually explicit or intimate in the form of photos, videos, or any other medium, which includes that of any minor.

3. This is not a place to spam or advertise your personal business, or the business of your company and

organization to which you are an employee. If you would like to advertise or partner with us, please reach out to If you are found to spam or advertise your personal business, or the business of your company and organization without permission from the Honr Magazine team, you will be immediately banned.

4. Based on copyright laws, when posting quotes or a portion of an article from other sources, not your

own, please be sure to give proper credit to an individual's work.

5. Here, within our forum, we don’t like disruption. This is a peaceful place to hangout and we want to keep it that way so if you have been kindly asked to stop with the offense, shrewd speech, or disrupting the flow of the forum, it can lead to temporary or permanent suspension of your account, removal and restrictions, and ultimately being banned.

6. These rules are subject to change at any time. It’s our house. Our terms of service and privacy policy for this website and app are located on our home page. Please read it, as through the use of this website and app, you are stating you agree to it. We are a community. We ask that you not only respect the rules, but the positive vibes that are being created here.

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