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Battle Cry Book.png

Founder and CEO of the Yunion, a youth development organization, Jason Wilson is helping men conquer themselves and past trauma by showing them how to master their emotions. He assists in helping reject what the world defines as masculinity, and live up to their potential. Jason shares stories from his life experiences, and how he leaned into his emotions to overcome his pain. Receiver of the President's Volunteer Service Award from President Obama, this book will transform your. life.

Renegade - Book.png

An unlikely pairing, from two different backgrounds, President Obama and Bruce Springsteen, come together to talk about what they have in common, their love for America. You will feel like you are sitting alongside of them surrounded by Springsteen's guitars as the conversations get intimate on their ideas of what America is and what it could be. With old photos and speeches, you are brought in on conversations with these two powerhouses their own arena. You will close this book and want to pick it up again.

Power - Book.png

In many respects, we all want some form of power. Whether on the job, at home, with our peers in a relationship, and in some cases, have had power work against us. This book gives you multiple sides of power; for those who want it, watch it, and want to arm themselves against it. This book breaks down the 48 Laws of Power dating back to more than 3000 years in history. These pages provide the reader with real world scenarios to get through life possessing power, or dodging those abusing it.

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