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The Benefits of Quality Time

By: Chari Bong'osa

Decades ago, in my culture (the Taita tribe of Kenya), close daddy-daughter bonds were - with a few exceptions- almost non-existent. Daddy-daughter relationships were characterized by respect first, then love at an arm's length. In the U.S, before the 1950’s, dads weren't allowed in delivery rooms.

Fortunately, all that has changed, and dads are more informed and involved in their children's upbringing. This paradigm shift in parenting has allowed dads to form meaningful bonds with their daughters and be an integral part of their lives. As a grown woman, who still experiences a close daddy-daughter relationship, I can confidently say that it has helped shape who I am today. Father-Daughter relationships are special and vital.

Your Love and Acceptance Significantly Impacts Future Confidence

Girls that experience close relationships with their dads get unconditional love, praise, and support. As a result, they have higher self-esteem, are confident, and are less prone to anxiety and depression. Dads are vital in their daughters' social, physical, and psychological health and have the power to shape their daughters' sexuality, values, self-image, and relationships.


While it may seem like a lot rests on your shoulder as a dad, ensuring your daughter grows into a happy adult doesn't mean you've got to go to extraordinary lengths. Be a good listener, encourage your daughter, and be present. Often, that's all a girl needs from you to flourish.


Being Supportive Helps Improve Your Daughter's Body Image

Due to mainstream and social media influences, girls may feel less than confident about their bodies. While this could be a minor event for some, others struggle with poor body image or lose confidence due to how they look for significantly long periods. In extreme cases, girls may develop eating disorders or anxiety, and depression.

Of course, dads aren't the only people who influence how their daughters view their bodies. However, they play a vital role. Improving your daughter's self-image means you learn to speak respectfully about other people's looks.

Young girls will take in what their dads tell them about their appearance or how they look. They will also notice what their dads say about other people's general appearance.

To ensure your daughter is receiving the support she needs from her dad, here are some ideas for daddy-daughter time:


● Watch a sport or movie together. Afterward, do something that offers alone time with your daughter to talk. It could be hanging out at a coffeehouse or getting ice cream.

● Enjoy her favorite activity together.

● Take a trip together.

● Go shopping with her.

● Take her on a date and treat her like the lady she is.

● Dance with her. It doesn't matter where it is; she will love it!

● Daddy-daughter game night.


It's all about your daughter. Invest your precious time in her and remind her that she is loved and highly valued.

Chari Bong'osa is a Content Writer who is a star in the relationship niche. Her motto is: Fixing the world, one relationship at a time. When she isn't writing, Chari is spending time with her family and friends, or in her ENFP mind imagining possibilities and reflecting on the meaning of life.

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